Skatt Øst – the drawing meets the graffiti – April 12th

On April 12th I received an email from Sidsel, a collaborator in Oslo. She sent me 6 photos, one a view of her neighbourhood from high up and the rest showing the drawing with the graffiti. I had not expected someone to frame their drawing and it gives it a different presence. I was really pleased to see she continued the gifting and passed the picture I gave her to a friend.
“Hello Lucy,
needed a weekend in order to get this done. 
Today I took the ten min walk up the hill, north of my appartment to find back to the graffiti that I took a picture of and sent you, that you then drew.
SidselIMG_2533 SidselIMG_2536    
As you can see from the photos, I framed the drawing and has decided to give it to someone with a not so pleasurable and quite complicated relationship to Skatt Øst, our region´s tax administration. I do this to give him a different, hopefully more fun perspective on the tax claims he is struggling with.
What is special about this part of town (Hovinbyen) is that there is going to be build 27 000 new apartments here that will house 100 000 more people over the next 15 years. Oslo has about 750 000 people within the city limits so it will be a substantial growth of the capital. The block of flats that you can see on these photos is just the start of this development, and this is one of the first graffitis that has appeared in the vicinity. 
Hope this is what you wanted and needed to go on with your fun project!
Thanks for letting me be part of it!

Skatt Øst – January 11th 2015 – Oslo

After emailing to ask if anyone would like to collaborate with me by sending photos of their local text based graffiti, the first photograph I was sent was this one.  I got it on January 11th 2015.

The subject heading was “Absurd graffiti” and the email said

“This is the most absurd graffiti i found in my neighbourhood. It is the name of the tax deduct of the Oslo region…Skatt Øst = Tax East

Gode hilsner”

I made the photo black and white to make it easier to draw from.  I made a pencil drawing and gave it to her on March 29th. I am looking forward to seeing where it is now and a photograph of this intervention.

Original photo

Original photo

Sidsel graffiti bilde BandW

B&W version

Skatt Øst copy

Pencil drawing