Skatt Øst – January 11th 2015 – Oslo

After emailing to ask if anyone would like to collaborate with me by sending photos of their local text based graffiti, the first photograph I was sent was this one.  I got it on January 11th 2015.

The subject heading was “Absurd graffiti” and the email said

“This is the most absurd graffiti i found in my neighbourhood. It is the name of the tax deduct of the Oslo region…Skatt Øst = Tax East

Gode hilsner”

I made the photo black and white to make it easier to draw from.  I made a pencil drawing and gave it to her on March 29th. I am looking forward to seeing where it is now and a photograph of this intervention.

Original photo

Original photo

Sidsel graffiti bilde BandW

B&W version

Skatt Øst copy

Pencil drawing

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